is an online portfolio of creative advertising and strategic branding

choices made by Hyemi Choi.

last updated – 02.01.02017

All copyright @hyemichoice

i would like to call myself as a “Visual Communicator”.

because i love to design a story that links people. especially i feel passionate about creating an advertising which has a deep insight that well-transmitting the voice from the brand to the people by using a proper media plan and charming copy-write.


do you want more general information about me?


do you want more interesting information about me?

my choices are my identity.

my choices are directed by a thoughtful concept that was driven from 5 dimensional

brain storming and playful inspiration, but clearly aim to fulfill the brief itself.


it is not an abstract art piece.

i make choices to tell a certain story that including you and me.

i wish you to link with each story instead of scrolling in an empty space.

very glad to share my choices with you.